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Kelli showers with her new friends
Kelli assumed her next stop would be one of the unmade beds as she crashed on the nearest one, her wobbly and unstable legs struggling to support her the moment Gerald let go of her. She buried her face in the cheap,filthy pillow which reeked of sweat but at that moment it felt like heaven as she basically passed out from emotional and physical exhaustion, the events that had just occurred twirling around in her mind as she proceeded through the most surreal and longest day of her life.
Kelli wasn’t sure how long she slept. The sleep had been full of a series of short and rapidly changing bizarre sexual dreams the likes of which she had never had before. In one dream she was lying naked on the hood of her car as while Rico and Gerald DPing her, Gerald shoving his thick dick into her tight pussy while Rico fucked her face with his ramrod cock while the entire neighbourhood gathered to watch the spectacle. In another dream she fund herself in an operation theatre, apparently under labour and out popped a mixed race baby. In the last dream that she had, she was being fingered by someone as she slept in a bed of darkness while the unknown perpetrator occasionally licked the back of her neck.
A voice told her that this part wasn’t a dream. It was real. She was sleeping on her side in the dark motel room and was being fingered by…..
She opened her eyes lazily, only to find herself sandwiched between Rico, who was awake and fingering her and Gerald who snoring away, seemingly in deep sleep. They had joined the two beds while she had been sleeping, even then the two beds were barely enough for them three. While she still seemed to have her nurse’s scrub on, Rico was missing his tank top which lay crumpled on the floor where she had been down on her knees sucking his ebony cock and Gerald still had his entire gear on, hoodie and jeans both.
She felt drained out and nearly intoxicated as she felt the room swirl around her, all three of them were drenched in sweat, the Air Conditioner hadn’t been switched on and the thick,soupy and pungent air hovered around the room, now with the strong scent of her own juices.
“I need to go to the toilet” she blurted out to Rico who extracted his hands from her panties as she stumbled to her feet, a strong sense of guilt washing over her conscience as she felt the wedding ring on her finger. She checked the time on her phone realizing that she had barely slept for an hour, as an exhaustion induced throbbing headache took hold of her.
The walk-in closet in Kelli’s bedroom was larger than the bathroom in the Budget Motel as she saw a cockroach scurry across the dirty white tiles. She closed the door behind her, unsure of what to do, before going in front of the mirror. She was shocked by the unfamiliar image. Hair disheveled. Half a dozen hickeys on her neck and collarbone. And her face was completely caked with dried semen and juices, not to mention the nape of her neck which was coated with her own dried juice. She noticed the droplets of dried out cum in her dirty blonde hair and on her scrubs, something which she hadn’t noticed before. Her dress was completely ruined, crumpled in all possible places, especially around her tits, where Rico had ruthlessly squeezed and kneaded them.
She had no idea what to do, she was in a room with two dangerous criminals for all she knew, one of whom had pointed a gun at her head in one interval. She had cheated on her husband, even receiving his call while busy making out with the two in an act of sick,depraved sadism. This wasn’t her, this was the polar opposite of the woman whom her friends, family and colleagues knew. Finally she decided that right now, she needed to sleep, she was in no condition to drive home.
She opened the door to see turned to see Gerald who was busy stripping out of his hoodie,jeans and boxers, displaying a burly,muscular physique and an absolutely massive dick hanging in front of him while Rico stood near the bed naked, their buff impressive bodies and massive tools shining with sweat. They both turned to her when they heard the bathroom door open.
“I need to sleep” Kelli stated vaguely, distracted by Gerald’s massive tool, thinking that a full blown fuck session was about to commence. She was no longer sure, she wanted to do it anymore, even though the image of their huge,ebony bodies, encompassing her petite,milk white body came back to haunt her, weakening her resolve to maintain what remained of her dignity.
They both let out a hearty, guttural laughter before Gerald said “sleep all you want after this day” as they moved towards her,shuttling her towards the bathroom.
With Gerald turning on the shower and the resulting steam filling the already cramped space, a mystical sense of claustrophobia seemed to envelope Kelli as Rico shepherded her forward towards the wash basin. Gerald was already in the shower, Kelli looked down at the dirty tiles covering the bathroom floor as she desperately tried to avoid eye contact with Rico who was standing in front of her, as she wondered what the two men had planned. If simply fucking her was all they wanted, she knew they could have done that back in the bedroom.
Kelli could hear Gerald behind the curtain soaping himself up and she started to feel herself becoming entranced by the humid warmth and haze spreading out around her, but just before her mind went blank she felt Rico reach his hands out to her chest and gently begin kneading both her breasts through her top.
Having publicly fondled Kelli when he had her cornered in her car back at the gas station,and then in the room during their steamy makeout session, now Rico confidently squeezed both his large hands around her modest bosom in the privacy of the motel bathroom for the third time. It wasn’t long before Kelli felt her will, not to mention her balance, begin to dissolve into the soupy fog surrounding her and she found herself turning and collapsing backwards against the kid massaging her breasts.
The back of her head wedged hard against Rico’s upper chest, all Kelli could do was look down through the mist at his hands continuously churning her tits. A few seconds later, his hands finally eased off her chest then gracefully lowered down her torso until she felt his fingers wrap around the front of her pants. Instantly she heard him undo the snap before the superheated feel of the heavy air in the room was bathing her panty clad crotch. Standing still as she allowed him to pull her pants down, she could feel his fingertips scouring the inside of her thighs and calves until her pants were all the way down to her feet. Like a robot, Kelli kicked off her shoes before shakily stepping out of the pants.
Kelli could feel Rico kissing her softly over the neck and left ear as he raised back up and with hardly any effort he raised each of her arms high into the air before lifting her hospital scrub off as well. She was being undressed by the kid who had pointed a gun at her head,not more than an hour ago while grabbing hold of her neck. This realization sent a chill up her spine.
The mirror hanging over the bathroom sink to her front was quickly steaming up, Kelli sensed she could still look at herself in it if she wanted to.She resisted the urge however, much more comfortable processing everything she could internally rather than having the visual imprint seared into her conscious forever. Either way, when she looked down and away from the mirror, Kelli realized she was standing there in nothing but her matching pink bra and panties.
Ultra modest when it came to her body, Kelli Zellers was normally too reserved to even wear a bathing suit if she was going to be around people she didn’t know. Yet there she was, almost naked and being manhandled by a guy she’d known for less than two hour in a cramped bathroom.
Through the sauna like haze, Kelli instinctively tried using her hands and arms to cover her bosom and nether regions but the firm hands in the center of her back didn’t seem to care as they almost effortlessly removed her arms that were shielding her dignity, while they offered next to no resistance.
Feeling Rico’s heartbeat race between her shoulder blades as he leaned down behind her, Kelli watched him waste little time caressing his large black hands all over her pale and freckled midriff before jabbing several fingers inside the waistband of her panties.
“MMMMAAAHH,” Kelli squealed and squirmed when she felt his fingers slice deep into her sopping wet snatch, her unbridled desire overriding any hope now for her quickly fleeting self control.
Reaching backwards, Kelli grasped his monstrous crotch as he held her in his arms.
“Let’s get you naked then get you into the shower,” Kelli heard him whisper down to her.
And Rico did just that. Kneeling down behind her, he worked the married woman’s soiled,cum coated panties down to her ankles then helped her step out of them, freeing her rather scrawny ass and bushy cunt before rising back up and unhooking the twin clasps of her bra. After expertly undoing them, Rico eased the freed straps over Kelli’s shoulders then down her arms before dropping the lacy bra cups on top of her already discarded panties.
Peering over Kelli’s shoulder once he’d stripped her bare, Rico grinned admiring the naked woman’s small but pert breasts as they hung from her chest and couldn’t resist reaching up and tweaking each of the already swollen nipples between his meaty fingers as he softly kissed her shoulders and collarbone.
Sensing Kelli’s beating heart and raspy breath, Rico finally decided that she was ready and walked her towards the shower and pulled open the curtain. Kelli was about to shower with her new friends.
Kelli once again awkwardly attempted to raise her hands to cover her nudity, only to be stopped from doing so once again by the pair of hands that were scouring her body.
With the shower curtain pulled aside and the fizzing castoff of spray now pricking Kelli’s ashen face, she knew her only path was forward. Gingerly lifting her trembling left foot Kelli stepped into the shower with her new friends bracing herself for the initial jet of water.
Thankfully Gerald was already in there was blocking a majority of the stream. Despite her reluctance to look up, in the end Kelli’s primal want won out and she raised her eyes enough to see the dripping wet and imposing figure of the huge black kid she’d originally plowed into in front of the gas station an hour earlier, now lathered up and staring back at her.
From the moment she’d met the two thugs, the inherent difference between their size and hers, not to mention their differing skin tone, had tripped a curiosity deep within Kelli. The scope of the difference didn’t really sink in all the way until she was face to face with Gerald in the shower. Standing less than two feet from him, it was clear his naked body dwarfed hers and Kelli did her best not to outright stare at him as he rubbed his body up with soap.
There really wasn’t anywhere for Kelli’s eyes to go however. There was no way in Kelli’s current condition that she could maintain eye contact with him but she’d didn’t want to stare demurely down at the grimy surface of the shower floor either for fear of seeming too weak and helpless, even though that was exactly how she felt.
Instead, Kelli’s gaze happened to settle, accidentally at first, directly between those two poles at the kid’s swinging cock and heavy balls, each saturated with the clear droplets of water beading down from the shower. Her unsteady eyes guiltily trying to quantify the size of the man’s genitalia, Kelli lost track of Rico until he’d followed suit and eased into the shower as well, leaving her sandwiched between the two men in the tightest of quarters.
Each edging closer to Kelli, Rico and Gerald created what amounted to a cocoon around her until she nearly disappeared between them. Without a hint of pretense or caution, Gerald leaned down and kissed the married woman on the lips tenderly as Kelli found herself reciprocating involuntarily, while Rico reached around with both hands, using his left to paw at her swaying breasts while carving his right hand between the crevice of her buttery slick crotch, the whole time planting kiss after soft kiss between Kelli’s shoulder blades. It wasn’t long before Kelli’s right hand shamelessly eased between Gerald’s legs while her left hand extended backwards searching for and locating Rico’s cock and she found herself rolling their ebony hardness between her thin white fingers. Breaking the kiss after a long time,she looked up at Gerald, gazing into his eyes for a long time before shifting her eyes towards Rico. A look of submission and resignation in her face and eyes. She was submitting to the two dominant youngsters, no matter how rude or dangerous, for making her feel alive. She was resigning, finally to her own primal instincts. The darkness in her was winning the battle as her sane,decent,ethical self melted away, remaining in its place a wonton, horny,thrill seeking slut who was willing to do whatever was needed to quench the lust smoldering inside her for so long.
The sensation of Kelli’s soft fingertips and the unabashedly kinky feeling of her wedding band sliding up and down the length of his Gerald’s growing erection meant that it wasn’t long until Gerald knew he could cum right there in her hand. Having much more vivid plans about how he wanted to bust his first nut inside her, Gerald reluctantly pulled away and reached around the curtain to grab a towel, leaving Kelli alone for the moment with Rico in the shower.
Rico continued to kiss and fondle Kelli as Gerald toweled himself off outside. After flicking and pinching her erect nipples a few more times, he spun her around before leaning in and kissing her softly on her lips as they both voluntarily parted their lips and began to engage in a full open mouth tongue kiss, hungry but steady. For the first time, his hands found their way to her ass as he grabbed it and squeezed it with vigor, making her moan softly in his mouth as their tongues danced their routines.
Once he could see Kelli was completely drenched from head to toe under the shower, Rico spun her around again, reached for the soap and began scrubbing the bar back and forth across Kelli’s body. Over and over Rico circled the soap over Kelli’s freckled shoulders, jiggling breasts and trim stomach as he kissed and bit at the soft flesh of her neck from behind.
Not knowing quite what she’d actually expected when she made the ultimate decision to follow the thugs to the motel, standing naked in a shower stall and getting bathed from head to toe by one of them certainly wasn’t on the list. Yet there she was, her knees trembling as the mist from the warm rushing water enveloped her allowing a stranger to use his hands like two large loofahs over every inch of her body. She almost felt like a willing doll being used for pleasure by two eager kids.
Kelli felt her body go momentarily stiff and a chill run down her spine when Rico ran his hand in between her buttcrack, tapping her asshole with his thumb momentarily before invading her crotch. Never before had anyone gone near her buttcrack, not even her husband. And to have a complete stranger do this to her, feel the most sensitive and intimate of places, was overwhelming enough for her to almost lose her balance as she spontaneously grabbed his shoulders in a bid to remain standing.
She struggled to remain in place and hesitatingly glanced back at Rico and looked into his eyes for what seemed to be eternity while he continued to soap up her body. A look of lust and hunger in his eyes was met with one of near surrender in Kelli’s.
She continued to gaze into his eyes with that same pathetic expression, her mouth almost subconsciously continuing to emit ever so light moans while he continued to generously soap up her buttcrack and the depths of her vagina.
When Rico eased each of his hands off Kelli and laid the soap back in the dish, she winced every so subtly in disappointment, reluctantly letting go of his shoulders, but it wasn’t long before an even greater surprise came her way. Her eyes closed as she absorbed the complete sensory overload of being pampered so tenderly by the kid who had pointed a gun at her not too long ago,suddenly Kelli felt her ponytail come loose,her hair open and flowing and a thick wad of shampoo landing on the top of her head. Before she could even regain her breath, Rico’s 10 fingers began flexing and massaging the shampoo into a lather until he’d worked into every molecule of Kelli’s scalp. An audible gasp of shock and utter joy burped from Kelli’s throat and a trillion tiny goosebumps began to pop across her soaking wet flesh.
The water spraying down from the showerhead was hitting Kelli square in the chest as she reclined backwards against Rico, allowing him to freely wash her hair. The juices in Kelli’s pussy mixed with the beads of water cascading down her body until the clear and aromatic mixture dripped like dew from the swollen folds of her vagina.
All 10 of Rico’s fingers continued to do their work on Kelli’s scalp for another minute or so before she felt them gradually work their way down the back of her neck before settling in the center of her back. Feeling Rico gently nudge her head and upper torso forward, directly into the jets of falling water, Kelli opened her eyes slightly and looked down to see all the suds from her head swirl steadily down the drain. She knew what was going to happen as she extended her palms,planting them against the front wall of the stall, waiting for it to begin, she was ready for it, she needed it, she had to scratch her itch.
Rico felt his balls throb seeing the way Kelli looked bent over in front of him with her pink pussy exposed between her creamy white thighs. Unable to resist the overwhelming urge burning inside him, Rico reached down and grabbed the same cock he’d just allowed Kelli to suck to completion an hour earlier and aimed it directly between her legs from behind. Watching as Kelli planted her palms against the wall of the stall, it was clear to him the married woman understood what was about to happen.
Lurching forward, Rico penetrated Kelli’s vagina, staking his claim as the only man besides her Husband since her wedding night to ever take his place inside her vaginal temple.
“OOOOWWWWWWAAAHHHHH,” Kelli’s voice quickly pierced the foggy mist, even drowning out the whooshing sound of the shower.
“What are you doing to the girl?” Rico heard Gerald ask from the other side of the curtain.
“Just getting her ready for you,” Rico laughed back to his friend before grabbing Kelli’s soaking wet waist with both hands and driving his cock forward full bore.
“GOODDDAAAHHHH” Kelli gushed, the sound of her fingertips screeching on the slick surface of the shower stall echoing through the entire motel room once she collapsed unto the surface, her wobbly knees no longer able to balance her weight.
Rico altered his position a bit before proceeding to fuck Kelli doggystyle for several minutes as the shower rained straight down on her bent back. Kelli’s freshly washed dirty blonde hair clinging to her cheeks and neck each time Rico smashed into her behind, every morsel of her kneeling body held on for dear life as she absorbed his cock deep into her womb.
Having busted his initial nut a few minutes earlier, Rico knew he could pretty much fuck Kelli for as long as he wanted to without another release. Kelli wouldn’t be so fortunate. The combined forces of the shower cascading down on her back like millions of tiny needles along with Rico’s bulging cock slicing incessantly through her tight cunt became too much for the naked mother of two to handle. By the time the head of Rico’s pistoning shaft had slammed into her g-spot for nearly a minute straight, she could feel her third orgasm approaching.
“”UUUHHH..UUHHHHH…. UUHHAAHHHHHHHHHH,” the married nurse choked and coughed, her voice rising and falling each time Rico shifted his thrusting angle even slightly into her spastic womb. That’s when he abruptly and cruelly stopped and withdrew his cock from the married woman’s spasming quim.
“”Please…Noooooo…mmmm…nnnoooooo,” Kelli pleaded to him the moment she felt him withdraw, but to no veil as she saw him casually kill the shower before pulling back the curtain and stepping out of the tub, leaving her whimpering and trembling, on the verge of a desperately needed release.
Standing on the other side of the curtain Gerald simply waited, stroking his cock to full erection in the meantime as he listened to Kelli’s orgasmic screams tear through the hazy and humid bathroom. He could see the shower curtain literally vibrating with life as the two bodies in the tub thrashed and grinded together. Gerald even got a little wet himself from the castoff of water being tossed over the curtain rod from the two bodies colliding. Finally Gerald heard Rico turn the shower off a few seconds before his friend pulled the curtain back.
“WOW,” was about all the nearly 300 pound man could manage as he stared at the human wreckage in the stall.
Rico’s chest and forehead was beaded with a combination of shower water and sweat and his erect cock, visibly encased with a thick layer of Kelli’s vaginal froth, aimed straight out from his crotch like a third arm. When Gerald lowered his gaze down to Kelli, he could see she was on her hands and knees on the floor of the tub at Rico’s feet, her shoulders and arms quivering each time she tried to breathe.
“Let’s get her up,” Rico said softly, taking the dry towel Gerald handed him. “I need to go grab something and she needs a few seconds to recover anyway.”
“What you got in mind?” Gerald asked.
“I think you know,” Rico grinned back as he dried himself off. “Just sit down there on the edge of the tub and get her up on your lap..I’ll be right back.”
A gleam sparkled through Gerald’s large brown eyes as he stepped aside and allowed Rico to exit the bathroom for the moment. Reaching down to help Kelli up, Gerald wrapped a dry towel around the drenched and spent woman and helped her step out of the tub. Gerald could feel Kelli wince in his arms each time she took a step and decided to be very delicate in drying her off. Rubbing the towel between Kelli’s thighs, Gerald felt his already erect cock bob through the air seeing the sparkling pink bloom of the naked woman’s vaginal lips sprout out from the thick, almost brownish pelt of pubic hair protecting them.
“That’s gonna be quite a trophy to take,” Gerald thought to himself as he sat his huge body down on the edge of the tub.
Keeping the towel wrapped around Kelli, Gerald continued to nuzzle her dry as he helped her down on his lap, the whole time listening to Rico fumble through his belongings out in the bedroom.
“Found it yet?” Gerald hollered out to him.
A few seconds later Rico finally returned with his can of extra thick shaving cream.
“Yeah…..Open her up,” Rico told his friend as he steadily shook the can back and forth in his right hand…….

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