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Mindy inserted two fingers as far as she could. Her knowing fingers probed Kira’s most private place. Without asking, and out of pure sensual reaction, Kira carefully placed one hand on Mindy’s ass. She wondered if it was wrong. Up until this day, she had never thought of a woman sexually. She started to remove the hand, but Mindy assured her it was ok. Kira’s pulse increased, and from her lips came little moans, cries, and whimpers.

Kira donned a black skirt with a white blouse that fit tight over her breasts, for her date with Tyler. It had been two weeks since she had met him, and as a surprise, she had booked an appointment for him with a relaxation therapist named Mindy. She had gotten approval from Mindy to remain in the room, and watch during the session.
They entered the office hand in hand and were welcomed by Mindy. Her curvaceous figure was nicely shown off by her white top and blue jeans. She led them both to the room she used for sessions and opened the door. The room had wood paneling, two chairs, and a massage table with padded face rest. Along the wall beside the table, was a big mirror. Mindy handed Tyler a towel and pointed to a privacy screen in the northwest corner. He stepped behind and started to undress. Unsure if he was supposed to get completely naked, he asked for the dress code.
“You don’t have to strip nude if you feel uncomfortable, but I suggest that you do,” Mindy replied in a compassionate voice.
Tyler felt a little odd, but undressed completely, and placed a towel around his waist. Both women grinned when he came out from behind the oriental screen, and Mindy signaled for him to lie face down on the table. Tyler hopped onto the massage table and soon got comfortable on the soft surface. He relaxed as Mindy began with his legs and thighs and then moved up to his back and shoulders. After about twenty minutes he felt almost sleepy, and certainly in his own little world. He looked over at Kira and saw her smile at him seductively. His only concern was that he was beginning to get hard. That significant worry was instantly brought to attention when Mindy instructed him to roll onto his back.
“Are you getting aroused?” Mindy asked when he remained still.
“Well, yea, sorry,” Tyler replied, feeling more than a little embarrassed.
“Not to worry, it happens. Just the way you men are made.”
Mindy raised the towel slightly, and Tyler rolled over. He saw her eyes dart to his crotch and away promptly as he settled down on his back. He felt even more turned on as she kneaded his legs and feet. He sensed that both women occasionally eyed the growing erection under the towel.
“Feel good baby?” Kira asked softly.
“Oh yea, but I’m getting way too aroused. Hope you know how much you turn me on also sweetheart.”
“I do know, but just relax, I definitely want you to enjoy it, I’m doing just fine,” Kira said.
She then unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. Tenderly, she traced her nipples as her new boyfriend received his massage.
“Wow, Kira, you have extraordinary breasts, you should allow me to give you a massage sometime,” Mindy said.
“Well, maybe. I don’t know…” Kira replied with a blush.
Mindy eventually finished Tyler’s shoulders and neck, then gently massaged his chest and abdomen. Her fingers stopped just above his towel, and then with a grin, she removed it. His hard erection was fully exposed, and it twitched, desperate for release.
“Would you like massaged there as well?” Mindy asked softly. Tyler looked at his girlfriend and saw her nod in enthusiastic approval. Mindy put lotion in her hand and wrapped her slender fingers around his shaft. Slowly she moved her hand to the base, then all the way to the head, and then dropped to the base once more. Tyler felt great, and the sensations told him it would be a quick hand job. Mindy’s technique was perfect, with such masterful rhythm. She had clearly done it for men many times before. In just over a minute, Tyler climaxed with several spurts that arched over his head. The remainder left a line along the length of his torso, and adequately covered his belly and Mindy’s hand. Once he had calmed down from his release, Mindy used a damp cloth, and then a dry towel to wipe them both clean. Kira smiled and felt pleased that she was able to let Tyler enjoy other means of sexual pleasure, and not be threatened with it.
“Well Kira, I don’t usually offer this, but do you want a free massage? Mindy asked.
“Yea, go for it honey,” Tyler rapidly added.
Kira thought a moment and then stepped behind the screen. She returned in a towel that barely covered her figure. Mindy gingerly rubbed oil all over the soft skin of Kira’s back and shoulders and then moved down to her cloth covered butt. She then relocated to the foot of the table, leaned over and manipulated Kira’s ankles and calves.
“I don’t usually do this; you are such a cute couple. So I sincerely hope you don’t mind,” Mindy said as she disrobed. Mindy proudly stood before them fully nude. Tyler looked over both their bodies. Their breasts were almost identical in shape and approximate size and both had a nice patch of pubic hairs below their waist. Mindy returned to the massage, and as she worked her way up her long legs, Kira felt Mindy’s soft curls against the soles of her feet. Then Mindy’s fingers traveled slowly up Kira’s thighs, as the redhead’s emotions conflicted with her immediate needs. Part of her wanted to open her legs further to allow access, but her modesty kept her legs closed. Mindy’s hands caressed inch by inch, from knee to buttock, then towards Kira’s sexual nerve center. Kira watched in the mirror and admired Mindy’s pretty ass, and blonde pubes. Then she glanced at her boyfriend and watched as he slowly stroked his cock as he played the casual observer. The soft, womanly touch of Mindy’s hands under the towel, and on her ass, had Kira more than a little turned on.
“Roll over for me?” Mindy asked. Kira did but still kept her legs together. However, Mindy gently eased them apart. The towel still adequately covered her lower torso. Mindy’s breasts swayed over her as she leaned forward, and cupped Kira’s breasts with her well-oiled hands. Slowly, and sensuously, she kneaded them, and used her fingers to make circles down to her belly, then returned to the soft peaks. Kira felt oil applied to her tummy, and then Mindy leaned over and rubbed her breasts over her own. Nipples brushed for mere seconds, but certainly long enough to send shivers down Kira’s spine. ”
We don’t really need this, do we?” Mindy asked as she placed her hands on the towel.
“No. I guess not,” Kira responded. Mindy pulled it away and ran her digits gently through the full curls of the redhead’s bush. Tyler and Kira both wondered just how far it would go. Since Mindy had gotten him off with her hands, did she have exactly the same in mind for her?
“Are you ready for the ending?” Mindy asked. Kira understood what she implied, and simply nodded. Seconds later, she felt two hands between her legs. Without a single word, Mindy slid her middle finger between her intimate lips. Kira moaned at the first sensation of another woman’s hands and knew she wanted this to occur.
“Feel nice?” Mindy asked.
“Very nice.” Then Mindy inserted two fingers as far as she could. Her knowing fingers probed Kira’s most private place. Without asking, and out of pure sensual reaction, Kira carefully placed one hand on Mindy’s ass. She wondered if it was wrong. Up until this day, she had never thought of a woman sexually. She started to remove the hand, but Mindy assured her it was ok. Kira’s pulse increased, and from her lips came little moans, cries, and whimpers. Mindy bent over and brushed Kira’s abdomen with her breasts as she successfully carried her closer to orgasm. Moments later, Kira’s hips bucked and trembled as she abandoned herself to the immense pleasure. She climaxed beautifully, and felt totally exhausted, and completely spent.
Kira then turned her eyes to Tyler once more and knew he was on the brink of his second climax. She gestured with her finger for him to come to her. Mindy stood back and watched in envy as Kira took Tyler’s shaft in her mouth. That envy turned to jealousy when he came minutes later, and Kira greedily swallowed. Mindy wished she could have done that instead, but there were limits that she just could not cross, with any client.

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