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My hot mom LOUSIE have written a letter to me.she have kept it in my purse & i read it a day and replied her in a proper manner.
Hello ! My mom lousie have shown her sexual desires.she have written me a letter & kept it in my purse.In the evening , when i was in shopping mall with my friend RACHEL , I opened my purse to pay bill on coffee shop.I saw a paper inside & took out to see.even RACHEL is looking , now we both are reading a letter written by my hot mom LOUSIE. I with RACHEL are shocked to learn about my mom’s sexual desires.she have asked me to arrange a fuck fest for him with one more guy.looking at RACHEL , I asked………” Rachel will you join my mom’s fuck fest (Rachel)its my pleasure garry (Garry)ok i will talk to mom for it & will call you.” Rachel is shocked to learn our physical relation.I reached home & after some time meet my mom.looking at her i smiled……..”i have arranged for your sexual desires (Lousie) nice but where we can enjoy ? (Garry)i will book a room in hotel parks for a night (Lousie)thats great & who will be the stranger ? (Garry)My best friend Rachel……………. .” we mom & son meet at conaught circus.Rachel also came there.we three moved to hotel.we are in mom wearing a black leggings with short shirt is looking hot.I locked the door & Rachel took my mom in her arms.I have bought a bottle of wine and its 07:15 pm.we have a luggage also with night dress , TODAY PILLS , Towel as well as cream and oil. Rachel have grabbed my mom tightly.He is sucking her tongue with hands moving on her big I removed my dress.I am standing on back of my mom’s…..put my hand on her leggings & removed it.Rachel have left her tongue but my mom took his tongue to while sitting mom’s bum…..i removed her panty and started rolling my tongue on her ass hole.while licking it i pushed my finger in her cunt.I can see Rachel nude lower mom have hold his penis and masturbatung they left. we three are in hotel’s deluxe room.A/C is chilling it & we are sitting on i put my hand on Rachel’s jeans & removed it.He opened his shirt & we both friends are in brief only.I took bottle of wine from bag & looking at mom gave her three glasses to prepare it with i am sitting on floor….put my hands on my mom’s tops and remove it.Rachel put his lips on her face & mom is rubbing her palms on his penis bulge.we three are drinking wine. I am sitting near RACHEL’S legs.He is pressing my mom’s breasts & i removed my friend’s brief…..its too long and i put some wine on his dick and took his penis in my mouth.never sucked cock before.while sucking it i am pressing my mom’s boobs.They both ate drinking wine & i took out his penis from my mouth…..put some wine in glass to drink it….put wine on his dick and licking his penis with my hand is on my mom’s thighs….but Rachel have already pushed his finger in her vagina.I am sucking his dick. We are now in rest.we three are complete nude sitting on mom have hold two cocks in her hand , masturbating it i put my mouth on her sexy breast & started sucking it……Rachel is sucking her other i.pushed my finger in her vagina and Rachel is now sitting on floor near her legs.He put his face in between her thighs & now moving his tongue inside her vagina.I left her boobs & now stands in front of my hot mom.while looking at me , she took my penis in her mouth & started sucking it.she is moving her mouth faster & i can see Rachel sitting under my thighs and fucking my mom’s vagina with his tongue.she is now rolling her tongue on my penis…..Rachel have took her cunt in his mouth to suck , her face have become red ….her eyes are closed.she is getting the pleasure while sucking my cock and getting love of Rachel’s mouth on her vagina.I am responding on her letter written to me . Things changed when Rachel stands in front of my mom’s face & i am sitting near her my mom have taken his 7-8 inch long penis in her mouth.I put my mouth on my mom’s cunt.licking her cunt while pressing boobs.our oral sex session is in my whore mom is licking her dick with fingers moving in her pubic hair.looking at Rachel , she……..” are you enjoying motherly love my son (Rachel) sure you dirty lady i will fuck you whole night (Lousie)i will enjoy two dicks for night. ” & she took his penis to suck but Rachel hold her hairs tightly and started fucking my mom’s mouth……i am sucking her cunt ……after 10 minutes my mom lousie have ejaculated vaginal fluid in my mouth…..i licked it…..taste it.Rachel took out his dick from her mouth. we are now drinking mom is sitting on my thighs with her arms on my shoulder.she is like a prostitute…..making me drink wine with glass on her hand.Rachel is kissing her face as well as lips…..looking at me………..” your mom is so sexy , hot & wild i have never expected (Garry) you will feel her wildness during fuck (Lousie) but my two sons are here , what they will eat (Garry) i will eat vagina fry with some drink (Rachel) i will eat ass butter masala .” lastly we ordered for food. Its 08:45 pm and we are heavily drunk.I took my mom in my arms and moved inside washroom.Rachel came there with she is standing wiith her legs wide apart.we both friends are sitting near her hot body.Rachel is putting icecream on her ass hole and i have put it on her labia as well as we both are licking her holes… tongue is getting the taste of her vagina with icecream…..Rachel is licking her anus……her legs are shivering and she is screaming…………” oh garry….oh rachel……….lick my holes……i am in pleasure…………..( i took her cunt in my mouth to suck )……oh no garry leave my cunt otherwise i will urinate in your mouth .” & my mom have urinated in my mouth & i drink it like we are under cascade………rachel is sucking my mom’s boob and i have pushed my tongue in her mouth……she is masturbating my penis…..after some time we are in room. we three are nude on mom like a whore have kept her thighs wide spread…..both friends are sleeping on bed & mom is in between Rachel is kissing her back & i am kissing her front……both friends are moving downwards on her hot body……i am k
issing her thighs & rachel is kissing her round bum……..we kissed her for 15 minutes……Rachel……” now in which position we will fuck my pro mom (Garry) sandwich type of fucking (Lousie)means two dick in my hole at a time (Garry)yes but we will fuck her first in solo position & sandwich will be at last………..” Its 09:40 pm & i recevied a call on i ask them to move inside washroom.service boy will come inside to serve foods , but Rachel as well as my mom insisted that they will be nude even service boy enters the room.after 10 minutes ,door bell rang and i wrapped a towel on my waist…..opened the door & service boy entered with a food troley.He is shocked to see my mom and Rachel nude.even my mom is kissing his face.He put our meals on table & looking at me……..” sir if you love to join me in your party ? (Garry) ask the lady (Lousie) ok go and wash your penis first .” & service boy of 23-24 yrs.moved to washroom & I locked the door.service guy came in mom ask him to remove his pant.we can see ALFRED nude , his penis is too long and mom is on sofa.she hold his penis and put some wine on it…….now i am sitting near my lovely took his penis inside her mouth and she is sucking Rachel is on floor.He took my dick in his mouth to suck.after some time , my mom is sucking his penis with her face moving faster……she is licking his penis……now my mom took a bold move…….she is standing on floor and ALFRED is fucking her cunt from behind.He is a strong guy… mom is moving her bum faster……now rachel left my penis and ALFRED is fucking her with speed & power.she is screaming in joy……..after 10 minutes of fuck Alfred took his penis out and masturbated for while to cum.He left the room. we are now having dinner.after some time we three are on mom is sleeping in between us.we took rest for an hour……than…….Rachel made my mom like a doggy and he started fucking her vagina…..she is moving her bum……his penis is giving hard penetration……..she have been fucked for 10 minutes with a service boy.Her cunt is dry and Rachel’s penis is working hard inside…..she is screaming in joy………….” oh my son fuck hard….fuck me for nights…..i am a prostitute…………” Rachel fucked her for 10 minutes & now he put some icecream on her ass hole…..pushed his long hard dick inside and rammed her anus…….she is enjoying his penis……he is fucking hard and she is moving her ass fastly.after sime time Rachel left her. My hot mom a horny lady now sits on my penis with her thighs wide spread……..i am sleeping on bed….hold my penis and pushed it inside her cunt………it have been penis is inside her vagina and now she is moving her ass up & down to get my penis inside……she is sitting like a whore and now i hold her waist….i am fucking her from below and Rachel came mom’s vagina is in fire…..she left my penis and used some oil in her ass hole… we both are sitting…….her legs are wide open…..i pushed my penis in her ass…….1/2 of my penis is inside and than she pushed her buttocks doen to have my whole penis inside……..she is moving her bum up and down ……i am fucking her ass from below……her heavy bum have pressurised my lower parts and my penis is also hurting…..but we are enjoyung anal i can feel her ass hole burning.after some time we left each other. I Left for penis have erected and its too hot.I took a nice bath and came inside room.Rachel is on bed while my mom is using butter cake on her Rachel ask her to be on her knees……she is like a bitch……her sexy bum is round in Rachel put butter inside her anus hole……now he is on his knees……pushed his penis & my hot mom pushed her bum back to have whole dick inside her vagina.I am on bed looking at them.Rachel is fucking her with power and speed……she is moving her bum…….nice to see my mom fucking with my she is screaming in joy & shouted……………” oh my son fuck me hard i am going to cum…….. ” & after 5 minutes her cunt become wet. Rachel now put his monestar cock inside her ass hole……now he is fucking it with slow speed and my mom is enjoying her anal fuck.He is pushing his dick harder and she is moving her big bum like a spring.after 10 minutes of anal sex……..Rachel changed the hole and now started fucking her vagina……..she is enjoying every bit of second and her wet cunt have make his ride smooth.I am near my mom’s face………pressing her breasts and Rachel asked…………” i will ejaculate in 5 minutes (Lousie) ok cum inside my ass .” & after some time she got sperms in her ass hole and she tasted it also. My mom moved to washroom.she came back after 10 munutes and Rachel move on bed after refreshment.I am sleeping on bed & i can see my mom too exhausted.My penis is rock hard and my mom asked………….” Rachel will you fuck me again ? (Rachel smiled)after 2-3 hours we will enjoy sandwich type of sex (Garry)ok we both have fucked him once & now we will enjoy after 2 hours. ” we slept on bed & my mom wake up at 02:30 am and she ask us to i am sleeping on bed…..lousie sits on my penis with her legs wide open…..i pushed my cock inside……..started fucking her glory hole….now she leaned on me… a doggy…….Rachel put oil inside her ass…..put his dick inside and we both are fucking her cunt and anus hole… mom got two penis in both holes……she have kept her lower part still…..rachel as well as garry is fucking her love holes and she is getting pounded by two dicks…….screaming in joy……but after 5 minutes……..we changed the hole……Rachel is on bed….mom have taken his dick….i am fucking her ass……she is pounded by two guys at a time…….she is inbetween two guys… she have slept on my…..rachel is sleeping in her and like a sandwich our sex is going on……after 10 minutes we ejaculated sperms un her vagina and anus hole…….she sucked our penis……..our fuck fest end at 03:45 am…………………..

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